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| Case Study Transcending Geography to Meet the Needs of Small, Rural and Under-Resourced Schools Follett Challenge 2018 Semifinalist A single student from an isolated school in the mountains is ready to progress to calculus, but none of the other kids are prepared. A group of high-achieving students at a small, rural school are eager to take aerospace engineering, but there are no qualified teachers in the region to teach it. Aspirational students at an under-resourced, inner-city high school are ready to take an advanced STEM elective, but their school is unable to fund it. These are the situations that NCSSM's Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC) project was founded to address. The school's "When Your Classroom Spans the State" project was recently named a Semifinalist in the 2018 Follett Challenge, earning $30,000 in products and services from Follett. Why Interactive Video Conferencing? The mission of North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) is to reach out to public high schools in the whole state, especially those in rural and under-resourced areas, to offer integrated STEM lessons in a time when the state's economy is shifting toward more technical areas. "We needed new ways to impact new students to prepare them for the future," said Melissa Thibault, Vice Chancellor for Distance Education and Extended Programs for NCSSM. "Technology – live video conferencing and downloadable digital resources from the NCSSM library – made it possible to scale this huge endeavor." Today, NCSSM has four high-definition TV studios that facilitate the delivery of unique, rigorous coursework. Interactive Video Conferencing teachers – all experts in their fields – are in the studio live with their students every day, five days a week, providing thorough coursework and interactive learning to students who would not otherwise have access to the material. NORTH CAROLINA SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS (NCSSM) DURHAM, NC

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