We Are All Winners

January 9, 2015 Follett Learning


Midnight tonight marks the close of submissions for another Follett Challenge. If you’ve submitted (or will in the next few hours) an entry, you’re probably as excited and filled with anticipation as we are.

Those schools submitting entries may be the ones who end up with generous prizes; however, each year at this time, the Follett Challenge team shares the same excitement and anticipation. We are winners when we get to read the stories, watch the videos, and learn what’s really happening in schools large and small all over the country.

With each entry, we’re reminded how forward thinking, passionate and dedicated today’s educators are in their pursuit of preparing students for life beyond the confines of school. We see small, rural schools using huge amounts of creativity and ingenuity to get students excited about learning. We learn of long-time librarians who have transformed their quiet buildings into bustling maker spaces that draw kids into learning before, during, and after school. And we see educators who imagine a richer society if each and every student participates in community service as a way of life.

Every entry tells a story that deserves to be shared, and reinforces what we already know—that educators are a uniquely dedicated breed, constantly striving to mold a better tomorrow for us all through the students they touch today.

Keep those entries coming—tonight, next year, or the following year, and keep innovating. We want to share your story, and we want to know how you accomplish what you set out to do. We’re all winners in the end.

Good luck to all entrants!

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